The location of the TKS Marine facilities is very convenient both because it serves customers at the entrance to the parking lot and due to the fact that it is a gateway to the Gulf of Corinth and the Ionian sea.

TKS marine facilities are in a privileged position on the map. The visitors, setting off from Aigialeia, have the opportunity to sail to the rich beauties of the Corinthian Gulf and the Ionian Islands. Also, during the return phase, after parking their boat in our area, they can have direct access to the airport via the suburban train.

Visitor to Aigialeia

Holy Church of Panagia Tripiti

One of the most beautiful shrines in Greece is located in the port of Aigio, perched on a 30-meter high rock. Its “godmother” is the cave – a hole that houses the Temple, and after which the Church is named. 


The ancient theater of Aigeira

An ornament and undoubtedly the heart of the area, the ancient theater of Aigeira is one of the most important monuments of our country. It is able to turn the visitor’s awe into a methexis.


Lake Tsivlou

It is a lake with a thousand faces that keeps its beauty unspoiled through the passage of time. It is a lake that looks amazing from any point of view. A magical water kingdom, a hymn to the gifts of nature. 



The Diakofto – Kalavrita railway line, Odontotos as it is more commonly known, reminiscent of our childhood’s toy trains, will take you down the 750 slopes of Helmos in the most adventurous way.


Alyki wetland

In this wetland, nature is the center of the world and man is a servant of its other living beings and plants. It is a common habitat for various species of the animal kingdom, which together with the vegetation maintain an enviable balance.


The Waters of Styx

The waters of Styx are the source of the Krathi River and for years they have fueled legends and popular beliefs, transcending the boundaries of ancient Greek mythology.


Holy Church of Panagia Faneromeni

The most despotic building in Aigio beats at the heartbeat of its city. The Metropolitan Church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and its history dates back three centuries. Like other buildings in Aigio, it is the “child” of the architect-phenomenon Ernst Ziller.


Orgia or Oria Castle

The Salmeniko Castle or Orgia/Oria Castle is located in Achaia, at the boundaries of the current municipality of Erineos in Panachaiko.


Pausanias’ plane tree

Also known as the plane tree of Pausanias, due to the reports of the ancient traveler, it is located in a prominent place on the beach of Aιgio. The perennial tree is one of the oldest in the country.


Holy Monastery of Pamegiston Taxiarchon

The spiritual radiance of the church is immediately noticed by everyone who arrives here, as it is a place where the relationship between God and man is glorified. With this as a point of reference, the Holy Monastery of Pamegiston Taxiarchon is a powerful pole of attraction.

The Gulf of Corinth

The Gulf of Corinth is a closed and very deep sea formed between Central Greece and the Peloponnese, west of the Isthmus of Corinth.

Its borders start from the Ionian Sea in the west and end at the Isthmus of Corinth in the east.

It is divided into two separate sections, Patraikos and the main Corinthian Gulf, with a total length of 127 km.

It is the passage between the Aegean and the Ionian Islands with many islands, such as Corfu, Paxi (or Paxos), Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos, and Kythira, as well as several other smaller ones. 

Useful phone numbers

Useful phone numbers in Aigialeia

  • AIGIO HOSPITAL: 26910 22222
  • POLICE: 26910 22100
  • FIRE DEPARTMENT: 26910 22199
  • FORESTRY: 26910 23781
  • CITY HALL: 26910 22200
  • INTERCITY BUS SERVICE: 26910 22424
  • CITY BUS SERVICE: 26910 28787
  • VETERINARY CLINIC: 26910 61501
  • PORT AUTHORITY: 26910 28888
  • RADIO TAXI OF AIGIO: 26910 26124 – 5 – 6

Sailing Destinations

  • Trizonia 6 nm
  • Nafpaktos 15 nm
  • Galaxidi 20 nm
  • Patra 22 nm
  • Messolonghi 36 nm
  • Kiato 36 nm
  • Isthmus of Corinth 46 nm
  • Kefalonia 65 nm
  • Ithaca 70 nm
  • Zakynthos 75 nm
  • Meganisi 80 nm
  • Lefkada 95 nm
  • Antipaxi 124 nm
  • Paxi 127 nm
  • Corfu 140 nm