We hoist and launch boats and catamarans with our state-of-the-art hydraulic trailer, which has the ability of lifting boats of up to 70 tonnage.

The machinery of the TKS MARINE Company includes a state-of-the-art TRAILER BOAT LIFT of special construction with the ability to lift – transport boats up to 70 tonnage. This enables us to transport the boats to our onshore facilities with confidence and safety.

Our expertise and modern equipment ensure the best transport conditions. We are the ideal partner that will undertake the hoisting / launching / transport and parking of your boat in our onshore area, where the boat’s repair and maintenance work for the next naval period will follow.


Technical Assistance
The TKS MARINE team undertakes checks and regular boat service as well as boat repairs in a prompt, organized and reliable way. We are able to ensure the proper operation of your boat and solve any problem that develops, based on our knowledge, training and experience.