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Relying on our 35 years of experience in boat repairs, all you have to think about is your next destination!

Timeless Value

Our 35 years of experience in the field of boat repairs and maintenance, makes TKS MARINE a reliable and safe choice for your boat.

Our cooperation with specialized and renowned nautical companies, as well as the selection of materials and spare parts of high quality, ensure the excellent application and resistance ofthe repairs of marine engines and other parts, which we undertake for our customers.



The need for systematic maintenance while the boat is out of water is a given fact. The saltiness of the sea penetrates everywhere, causing damage to all parts of the boat. Our technical staff will take care of your boat, thus preventing future unwanted damage.

Maintaining the GEL COAT in excellent condition is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of primary importance if we are interested in the longevity and health of our boat.

It is known that the outer surface of the boat is covered by a special resin called GEL COAT and it is the one that essentially protects our boat. GEL COAT is constantly exposed to sea water and the sun, which leads to its corrosion over time, something that makes it lose its luster, become dull and porous. The larger the pores, the more permeable the coating becomes and the more easily it stains.

Our trained staff along with the best products on the market always achieve the desired results you are looking for.

We are specialized partners for RHINO SHRING WRAP, which is a heat shrinkable plastic made of low density polyethylene and which constitutes a professional investment that protects both the inside of your boat and the outside, thus creating a smooth and impeccably applied wrap.

•          Yacht refits and custom projects

•          General boat maintenance

•          Marine engines (inboards, outboards, stern-drives) maintenance, repair, and installation

•          Transmission systems (reverse gears, stern-drives, sail-drives) maintenance and repair

•          Propulsion and steering systems (shafts, propellers, jets, and rudders) maintenance and repair

•          Generator maintenance, repair, and installation

•          Machinery/auxiliaries and mechanical equipment general maintenance, repair and installation

•          Refrigeration, air-conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation

•          Deck equipment maintenance, repair, and installation

•          Electrician services (DC, AC)

•          Electronics maintenance, repair, and installation

•          Solar panels and wind-generator service and installation

•          Sails, rigging and covers (through a contractor)

                  Crane for engine and must removals

•          Antifouling/copper coat/painting

•          Anti-osmosis protection

•          Grit-blasting services (for steel, aluminum hulls, and all metal surfaces)

•          Sand-blasting services (for GRP hulls)

•          Hydro-blasting

•          Polishing/Gelcoat restoring and repairs

•          GRP repair and constructions (polyester and epoxy systems)

•          Stainless steel works (repair and constructions)


* boat maintenance is performed according to the needs of each customer and always after consultation.


Because prevention is always more effective as a practice than treatment, we perform tests and works that will dramatically increase the longevity and reliability of the boat’s engine.

Our many years of experience in the repairs of marine engines as well as our professional training in the mechanical and electrical parts of the boats, are a guarantee for the better and safer maintenance and repair of your boat.

The purpose of service is to prevent damage so as not to be forced to repair it in the middle of the sea. Inboard / outboard engines must always be in excellent condition because they are the only way to propel the boat. The captains must be sure that they work perfectly and that they will not break down in the middle of a trip or on their longed-for vacation.

Our professional practices are not limited by the standard manufacturer’s instructions but we also check parts that we think should be checked.

Today’s inboard / outboard motors consist of a set of sensitive and complex mechanical and electrical mechanisms and devices that can easily fail and do fail frequently and unpredictably.

Technical Assistance
The TKS MARINE team undertakes checks and regular boat service as well as boat repairs in a prompt, organized and reliable way. We are able to ensure the proper operation of your boat and solve any problem that develops, based on our knowledge, training and experience.


Mechanical - Electric boats

Paints - Ship polishing


Marine engine repairmen