Boat Parking

At the premises of TKS MARINE your boat can rest during the winter, while you prepare it for your next summer trip.

The premises:

In a tasteful and easily accessible area of 4.5 acres, just a few meters from the sea, we have created a parking lot for boats with a capacity of 150 spots for lengths up to 20 meters (60 feet).

For each boat that is accommodated in our parking lot, the customer is provided with electricity and water, in order to perform any work required. There are also WCs, dressing rooms and washing machines, as well as free Wifi.

With the goal of ensuring that the boats remain safe and intact during their stay, the area is fenced and monitored 24 hours a day by a closed-circuit camera system.

Years of experience
Boat spots
Acres area
Hours surveillance


In our facilities we can accommodate for as long as needed: speedboats, sailboats, catamarans, sports yachts etc.

The size of the boats we can accommodate is up to 20 meters long. The space is open, but there is an extra option for the boats to be protected with high quality & durable coating material. (Rhino Shrink Wrap).

The ground surface has been properly prepared to drain the rainwater and provide the necessary hardness to facilitate movement within the parking lot.

Parking κατάλληλο για:

Technical Assistance
The TKS MARINE team undertakes checks and regular boat service as well as boat repairs in a prompt, organized and reliable way. We are able to ensure the proper operation of your boat and solve any problem that develops, based on our knowledge, training and experience.