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Terms of use:

  • The desired launching date must be stated at least 2 weeks in advance
  • The selection of the boat's parking spot is made exclusively by the staff of the TKS MARINEcompany
  • Entrytothepremisesandworkscarried out by unauthorized contractors is strictly prohibited without notifying and receiving approval from the company’s management
  • If after the launch of the vessel the need of hoisting arises due to the fault of the boat owner, the cost is equivalent to the cost of hoisting / launching
  • The use of the company's machinery / tools by boat owners is not allowed
  • Boat owners who wish to work on their boats should take all necessary measures so as not to disturb / stain the adjacent boats (eg suction vacuum cleaners, boat cover, etc.)
  • The cost of hoisting / launching includes high pressure washing (200bar) of the hull
  • The boat owner, in consultation with the TKS MARINE Company, can schedule the desired date for hoisting / launching of the boat. Nonetheless, the exact time that the process will take place is determined exclusively by the company
  • The boat owner has the right to refuel the boat within the TKS MARINE premises
  • The boat owners and the crews can stay onboard within the TKS MARINE premises for a maximum of 10 days!Any extension is allowed only bynotifying and receiving approval from the company’s management